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Robyn and the Hoodettes

Robyn and the Hoodettes
Category YA Fairytale Romance Folktales
Formats Kindle
Length 206 pages
Language English


A fun gender flip of the Robin Hood adventure.

When tax collectors raid her village, headstrong peasant Robyn vows to take everything back. Soon her righteous spirit lands her on the 'wrongteous' side of the law.

Robyn and her friends hope to hide out in The Shire Wood until things blow over, but the cold winds of winter soon have them longing for the safety and warmth of nearby Sheffield Castle.

Would it be a crime to sneak in, overthrow their liege lord and take over? After all, it’s a huge castle, they might not even be noticed.

Attempts to fix things only makes life worse as Robyn, and her best friend Marion the blacksmith’s son fall deeper into trouble . . . and a little bit in love.

Meet the female Robin Hood... who's a bit a legend.

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