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The Spring Revolution (Ondine #4)

Ondine: The Spring Revolution
Category Teen Fiction / YA
Formats Kindle
Print Length 224 pages
Publisher Book Baby
Language English



"Fun, funny and fantastical. It's wonderful to be back in the magical world of Brugel with its quirky characters, nefarious goings on, and hilarious national heritage. (Spoiler ahead -- although it's a romance, so probably not that much of a giveaway) it's also great to see Ondine once again save the day and end up with her true love Hamish, although not without having to overcome their own challenges! Can't wait for the next fun read from Ebony McKenna."
5 out of 5 stars.
Emmie Dark, Goodreads

"I am going to miss my visits to Brugel!! Having travelled a bit in Eastern Europe, I had such a vivid picture in my mind as to how I believed this delightfully bonkers country looked. Ebony can correct me if I am wrong, but I see Brugel as the love child of an improbable romance between Latvia, Poland and Luxembourg.

Ondine is still that wonderfully imaginative, brave girl from the first three books, who leaps in places and situations unknown with her whole heart and being. Her relationship with the charming, cheeky Hamish continues on its ever-interesting path, growing together while being stretched apart. I adored how former characters are re-introduced (watch out for a particularly villainous unit – let’s face it, there’s a few of those), new ones are delivered (actual delivery involved!!) and how the mix of humour, intrigue, and perfect pacing continue from the earlier books.

Knowing the author’s epic love for Eurovision, I loved the scenes set in and around the PopEuroTube contest – both reminiscent of the glitz, tizz and sparkles of our favourite European songfest, and perfect for some deeply pivotal scenes in The Spring Revolution.

There is just something so engaging and enthralling about Ebony McKenna’s voice throughout this series, and I cannot wait to see what she is going to deliver next. Goodbye, Brugel! It was so much fun!"
5 out of 5 stars.
Roz Groves, My Written Romance

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