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The Autumn Palace (Ondine #2)

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Ondine: The Autumn Palace
Category Teen Fiction / YA
Formats Paperback
  Large Print
Print Length 384 pages
Publishers Egmont, Book Baby
Language English
Print Dimensions 19.6 x 12.8 x 2 cm


"Ebony McKenna has done it again with this beautifully written sequel. This book is insanely funny... the footnotes are a work of literary genius. The plot itself, apart from being so funny I nearly split my sides laughing, was gripping ...amazing, amazing read."
5 out of 5 stars.
Leanne Bell, Goodreads

"This was so much fun to read. The Autumn Palace is the second in this series but the back-story of the first novel is so seamlessly woven in that it’s easy to pick up. A lot of new ideas and concepts flow brilliantly from start to end. There are some wonderful characters in this novel, combined with the fantasy and unique plot, this is a very nice read. Highly recommended."
5 out of 5 stars.
Alexandra, Chicklish

"The Autumn Palace combines the romance and magic of the first book with a mystery that will keep you guessing."
Kate Ryan, Goodreads

"The story is just as humorous and endearing as The Summer of Shambles and is even more evocative of the romantic fairytale setting. The author delighted me in her characterisation of the main characters. Ondine cast a spell over me."
Becky The Bookette

"If you like fantasy and romance novels, you will love (this) book. Ondine is a brilliant heroine and the description of the fictional palace and Brugel itself really got my imagination going."
Sarah, Bookbabblers

"Loved the latest outing of Ondine and Hamish! With lots of gorgeous humour ...and plenty of magical fun and games, this was a great, fun read that kept me giggling out loud on planes over the past week."
5 out of 5 stars.
Emmie Dark, Goodreads

"In today's YA world of stalkers and abusive relationships being glorified as romantic, I LOVE seeing a healthy romance that is so swoonworthy! I really love this series and I'm hoping to see more Ondine and Hamish soon."
Carrie, In the Hammock Books

"This installment is the second in the series but I have to say I think it worked really well as a standalone. There were so many moments that made me laugh out loud. The mystery is another element I really enjoyed. I'd definitely recommend The Autumn Palace to anybody who likes a bit of whimsy in their lives - this is a pretty little book that made me smile the whole way through. Absolutely charming."
Carly Bennett, Writing From The Tub

"Hilarious sequel... McKenna's use of footnotes to explain things that might seem a little tedious in the main body of text is inspired. Terrific."
Booksmonthly, Issue 151

"...another amazing book! There isn't much to say apart from READ IT! and please do it in a private place and not in public because you may get looked at funny when you burst out laughing on a bus or something."
5 out of 5 stars.
Tara-Jayne Bell, Goodreads

"A sweet and intriguing story that will leave you gushing and guessing to the last page."
Larissa, I Read Therefore I Am

"Such a good book. Praise for the footnotes that want to make you either want to laugh or kick yourself. They are brilliant."
Cassandra H, Shelfari

"...filled with humor, misadventures and romance."
Lexie, Goodreads

"...very much enjoyable."
Nayuleska, Nayu's Reading Corner

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