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Ondine Series

Book 4 Origins
Young Adult readers and critics adore the new Ondine series, set in the far off European country of Brugel. Ebony McKenna is a fantastically imaginative author whose scope and story-telling encompasses the bizarre, the mysterious and the romantic.

Book 1
Ondine: The Summer of Shambles

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The Summer of Shambles
1st Ondine novel

Book 2
Ondine: The Autumn Palace

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The Autumn Palace
2nd Ondine novel

Book 3
Ondine: The Winter of Magic

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The Winter of Magic
3rd Ondine novel

Book 4
Ondine: The Spring Revolution

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The Spring Revolution
4th Ondine novel

Companion Novellette
Lara's Christmas Gamble

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Lara's Christmas Gamble
Companion novellette set in the world of Brugel.

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