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Ondine Series

Book 4 Origins

Ondine Is Set in the Fictional Country Brugel

Brugel (pron. Broo-gl)
Officially The Serene Duchy of Brugel. Brugel is a small country in eastern Europe. It has a single house of parliament, called ‘the Dentate’ (the place with teeth). The First Minister is the head of government. The Duke of Brugel is the head of state.

Burgel is at the crossroads of old and new Europe. Previously part of the USSR, Brugel declared independence in 1991 and shares its borders with Slaegal to the north and east, Craviç to the west and the Black Sea to the south. The capital and largest city is Venzelemma.

The Brugel language is derived from an earlier form of English. This came about after many Jutes, Angles and Saxons took a wrong turn in the fifth century and found themselves at the Black Sea.

Brugel has survived through many hardships, having been annexed into the Constantine, Austro-Hungarian, Prussian and Holy Roman empires at various - and mercifully short - times in history.

In the 1950s Soviet tanks often rumbled through the main streets of Venzelemma – on their way to somewhere else.

Any rumours you may have heard about Brugel are probably true. All psychics and mediums can trace their DNA to the foothills of Brugel. The countrysideis the birthplace of gypsy folklore, and fairy tales and talking animals are interwoven in daily life. This is a country where the strange and unusual are not only tolerated, they are encouraged.

Brugel Bonuses

Recipe for Brugelwurst sausage
Salt & Pepper
Suet (the fat from beef kidneys)
Pork hearts & tongue
More salt

Boil the lot in a huge vat. Reduce to half consistency. Puree. Open all windows in the house to let the smell out. Pour into sausage casing. If no sausage casing available (as evidenced during the sausage casing shortages of 2006), use a clean stocking. Hang from ceiling for 2 months to dry nicely. Consume with water crackers and a robust red.

Brugel's most popular correspondence courses
1: Cooking with roadkill
2: Tracing Your Family Tree
3: Do-It-Yourself Will Kit

4: Write a Smash Hit for the Eurovision Song Contest
5: Do Your Own Stunts
for Fun and Profit
6: Emergency First Aid
7: Cartography
7a: Accounting for Beginners
9: What Rash Is That? A Guide to Brugel's Native Flora.
10: Creative Writing

Brugel Daylight Saving Time
In spring, Brugelers turns the clocks forward two hours on the first Sunday in April. Monday and Tuesday are public holidays, to help get over the shock.

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