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Category YA Time Travel Romance
Formats Kindle
Length 186 pages
Language English


1916-ish. History, with a twist.

Time travel, daring adventure and romance await sixteen-year-old exchange student Ingrid Calloway during her visit to France.

When Ingrid joins a war-game re-enactment with local teenagers Luc and Marianne Durand, all hell breaks loose! Gunfire, tanks and explosions become real, as the trio are transported back in time to the perilous trenches of the First World War.

It’s not a game any more.

As Ingrid struggles to adapt to a dangerous world vastly different to her comfortable 21st century lifestyle, she finds herself attracted to headstrong Luc. But while Ingrid desperately wants to return home, Luc wants to stay put in this quaint pocket of yesteryear.

However, these 1916 streets of Paris aren’t how observant Ingrid remembers them from her school lessons. Someone is rewriting history.

As events spiral out of control, the teenagers must band together and confront their worst fears, if they’re to get back to their own time alive.

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